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Meek Did That Ish



This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we discuss the recent sexual harassment allegations running rampant through Hollywood. TK schools the fellas on the actions she considers “rapey,” while the guys try to sugar coat their previous adolescent behavior. Also, we discuss the recent public outrage over Meek Mill’s incarceration. Lastly we look at what black men need to do to navigate through a justice system that has proven to be unfair. Intro/Outro produces by DJKronicBeats and CashMoneyAP.



Savages Can’t Cry

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast, the BrownGirl joins us for a special episode. We hosted some family and friends for a live taping with plenty of food and drinks. We discussed whether it’s acceptable for dudes to be thug in the streets but sensitive behind closed doors. The ladies gave honest answers to the question,”Is it okay for a man to cry?” The alcohol consumption definitely led to a entertaining conversation. Make sure to comment and/or subscribe.



Abstinence is for Suckas

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast, TK thought it would be a good idea to talk about abstinence. If you’ve listened to the podcast before, you can imagine how this conversation went. We spoke about how males versus females look view sex. TK talks about how being a single mother can make hookups complicated. Also, the guys give an extensive lesson on how men pick sex partners and girlfriends. Feel free to comment and/or subscribe.

Protest For What?

This week we take a look at the possible protests for this upcoming NFL season. Of course, Barxdale has a strong opinion on the topic and also chooses not to join his fraternity brothers in protest. Gus is just sad because he’s a Eagles fan. And TK supports the protest because it frees up her partner to focus on her. Feel free to comment and subscribe. Intro/Outro by Vendetta Beats.

Talking bout Power

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast show we discuss the hit show “Power” on Starz. We give our thoughts on past seasons as well as what’s going on now. We take a look at the relationship between Ghost and Tommy. We express our hate for Angela and Tariq. And spend a little time trying to figure out why Andre won’t just put a bullet in Kanaan’s head. Towards the end we give our predictions on what will happen by the end of season 4. Make sure to listen, subscribe and leave a comment.

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