Good morning. I want to talk to you in the most honest way I know how. I really enjoy our time together. You make me laugh and you keep a smile on my face. Your energy is fantastic and when we are “together”, I can’t stop thinking about you. With that being said, I promise you my action will not match my words. I grew up enjoying the company of females……. so if we have sex, I will not know how to just smash/ fuck/ beat chops. Because I enjoy your company, I will do things like spend the night, send you little cards and go out to dinner and other places. Which is exactly what I was doing before we decided to fuck up some sheets up. I am an attentive person because that is what a good friend is though this my make me a special man, I promise it is not special enough to negate the fact that I told you that “I ain’t shit”.

I know you are wondering what makes me just come out and say this. It is probably because this is not my first time being a nice guy, having sex and being a good friend. You would think that is a recipe for magic. But the reality is that I know it is going to cause confusion and I want to get an understanding before it goes any further. I can be your friend, allowing us enjoy each other’s company with no issues. The need to be sexually active will not go away and I will probably be knocking someone else’s boots. We can just mutually please each other sexually, but that will not negate the need to have a close friendship with a person or people. Or we can be friends with benefits, but that will eventually cause a riff in our friendship because I still stick by my initial mindset that “I ain’t shit” aka “I am not looking for a relationship but we can keep doing what we are doing”, even if it is a nice way.

So what am I trying to tell you is no matter what you feel, this is not real. And since it is not real, there is a possibility that I am making someone else feel the same way at the same time, following the same rules. You would think my time management skills would not be that good, but they are. If you are going to love me, you need to love me with your head and not your heart. Also, understand I can fulfill long term, temporary positions. Like stripper in a strip club, I am selling fantasies. And like a dude in that club, you are trying to be that one in a hundred that actually pull and monogamously date one. And as nice as I am, I will not choose what you want over what I want. The rules of self-preservation always continually applies here.

Side note: Getting pregnant does not validate feeling. The condom broke or I just like the way it feels raw. It does not mean we have a deeper connection, it just means my little head ill-advised my bighead.

Side note: Just because I did that extra freaky shit just mean the force was strong and you have cute body parts.

Moral of the Story: If you want to play, don’t watch what I do, listen to what I say.

The Selfish Dude

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