Stay Talking Sports Episode 6

This week on the Stay Talking Sports podcast, we start off discussing the current state of the National Basketball Association. We talk about how we would fix the Knicks if we were the GM. Barxdale believes that Carmelo hasn’t been good for almost 10 years and Ern half-heartedly defends the former NY Knick. Everyone gets a good laugh at the Raptors” horrible defeat to the Cavs. A little later Barxdale spends way too much time singing the praises of Anthony Davis. Lastly, we do a recap of the NFL draft. Feel free to listen, subscribe and leave feedback.


Kanye’s On Some Ish

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast, we touch on a few different topics. We start with the antics of Kanye West. We discuss the responsibility that comes with celebrity as well as the need the the public to stop talking celebrities’ words as truth. We talk about the downfall of every man whose been involved with a Kardashian. We touch on the Bill Cosby trial. We also discuss R Kelly and his sex cult. Feel free to comment and subscribe.

Stay Talking Sports Episode 5

This week on Stay Talking Sports, we speak on various topics. We start off talking about our favorite basketball movies. We touch on the NBA playoffs and Barxdale displays his affection for Victor Oladipo. The conversation takes a little detour as we talk about the greatness of Michael Jordan. We debate who which team resembles the “Death Row Records” of the NFL. Lastly, Ernest tries to explain to Barxdale why Dez Bryant is not overrated. Make sure to listen, comment and subscribe.


Podcasting While Drunk

Be warned, there were a few drunk hosts this week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast. This is probably why the episode started off about the ladies drinking watermelon. The Browngirl gives us insight on what’s discussed at a dinner party with her friends. Gus doesn’t believe TK when she says that in addition to all her other professions she’s also a dental assistant. Barxdale gets schooled on vaginal rejuvenation and finds out innies and outties do not only describe belly buttons. Also, TK reveals what she expects when she turns on Purple Rain. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe.



Stay Talking Sports Episode 4

Check out this week’s episode of Stay Talking Sports featuring Ernest Drummond and Ishbarxdale. This week we hit on many topics. We start of talking about the Philadelphia, the city of Champions. We applaud Villanova Men’s Basketball on their championship and discuss Donte Diovicenzo’s use of the “N” word. Ernest ridicules the Patriots off season moves while Barxdale defends his beloved football team. We discuss the current state of boxing and the Canelo’s doping issue. Also Barxdale shows his hate for James Harden while we debate who deserve’s the NBA season awards. Plus many more topics, so feel free to listen and comment.


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