Stay Talking Sports Episode 10

This week on Stay Talking Sports, we start of talking about the possibility of Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder and the top 5 boxers today. Next, we move onto the the NBA and if there’s any reason to watch the NBA now that the Warriors have Demarcus Cousins. Ern takes a minute to let everyone know he wants to see Kahwi Leonard on the Lakers and Barxdale tries his best to compliment Lebron (it didn’t go well). We finish off the episode dicussing the NFL and making fun of Jameis Winston. Make sure to listen, comment, subscribe and share.


The ‘Power” of Lebron

We’re back!! This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we talk about the premiere of 50 Cent’s hit show “Power.” Again we have to talk about Tariq’s stupid decisions and who’s responsible for his behavior. Also, we discuss Lebron’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, we had to get one more Eagles versus Patriots argument. Make sure to listen,subscribe and/or comment. Intro/Outro produced by Kin Rich.


Movie Night

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast, a few cast members from Boston2Philly join us in the studio. We start off getting to know the actors and finding out about the movie making process. After Barxdale finishes making fun of one of our guests for attending Lincoln University we delve into a few other topics which include: Lebron James, the new Nas album and avoiding women with bad credit. Feel free to listen,comment and/or subscribe.

Stay Talking Sports Episode 8

This week on the Stay Talking Sports podcast we debate a few different topics. We start off with Bryan Colangelo and his wife’s Twitter fingers. Then surprisingly, Barxdale gives the Eagles props on their stance on the White House visit. And of course this leads to another discussion on the NFL’s continued treatment of player protests. Next we move on the the NBA Finals and spend a good amount of time making fun of J.R. Smith. Make sure you tune in because at some point during the show Ern almost loses it when Barxdale claims Ray Allen is better than Lebron(smh!!). Feel free to listen, comment and/or subscribe.



Stay Talking Sports Episode 7

This week on the Stay Talking Sports podcast we start off talking about our favorite basketball kicks. We take a look at the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down the law banning sports betting. Of course, we discuss the NBA playoffs as well as the Rueben Foster situation. Feel free to listen, subscribe and comment.

Stay Talking Sports Episode 6

This week on the Stay Talking Sports podcast, we start off discussing the current state of the National Basketball Association. We talk about how we would fix the Knicks if we were the GM. Barxdale believes that Carmelo hasn’t been good for almost 10 years and Ern half-heartedly defends the former NY Knick. Everyone gets a good laugh at the Raptors” horrible defeat to the Cavs. A little later Barxdale spends way too much time singing the praises of Anthony Davis. Lastly, we do a recap of the NFL draft. Feel free to listen, subscribe and leave feedback.


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