Cucumbers and Mermaids

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we’re joined by the Browngirl. We start off discussing the popularity of the cucumber challenge. We move on to the announcement of the new Little Mermaid who happens to be black. We also discuss the Instagram outage, the legend of Serena Willliams and Barxdale’s attempt to bait the Beyhive. Make sure to listen, share, subscribe and/or comment.

Sports, Whiskey and Ern

Yes LAWD after a week off we back,  in this episode of Sports Whiskey and Ern -Baseball still sucks (just not as much), Kyler murray is average height for a human being, My Zion not fat he just big bone, Whats wrong with the C’s and more ……….Listen, Subscribe and Rate 

Threesome Behavior

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast, we discuss the issues that arise when there’s more than two people in a relationship. We talk about what happens one person in the relationship strays and what if someone gets pregnant. Barxdale gets way too excited discussing what happens if one partner becomes the “herp friend.” Make sure to comment and/or subscribe.

Are They Really Your Friends

This week we are joined by Kaution and Mr. Uno. We discuss the death of Kenneka Jenkins and who was responsible for her demise. We debate the what role her friends played in her tragic death. We also speak on how we view friendship in general. As we mature ideas of friendship changes. Please excuse some of the background noise as we recorded at a BBQ. Feel free to comment and/or subscribe.

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