My momma used to say God is trying to warn you when you are doing something wrong. Well many people may not believe in Him. But have you ever noticed when you do something on last time that is when everything hits the fan. That is when everything goes bad. You have done something wrong a million times, but when you conscious finally gets to you and you say in your mind “I am going to do this one last time”, that is when everything fucks up. That last drink. That last key of coke. That last time you want to smash an old fling before settling down. That last $20 dollars you tried to steal out of the cash register from that job that sucks. That last 2 miles driving drunk, trying to make it to the house. You just had to cuss you boss out one last time.

That one last time never seems to be productive. You think it is a good idea because it has always worked before, but when you hear the “One last time” voice, you need to know that you are about to fuck up your life. That’s when you get locked up. That when you get the DUI. That is when coke monster makes you addicted. That is when she gets pregnant and takes you to court. That’s when you get caught on camera sticking that twenty twen twen in your pocket. That’s when instead if cussing your box out, you put those paws. That’s when the pussy get’s so good that you don’t know if you want to be with your wife or with your side chic/ your husband or that side nigga that is saying all that good shit in your ear and banging your back out.

It is always the little extra that fucks up the game. It’s always the greed that spoils the hustle. The moment when you go against what your mind is trying to tell you about your wrong doing, that is when trouble is around the corner. The universe is trying to warn you ……….. but go ahead with your dumb ass thoughts. You right. If you just do it one last time, everything will be alright. SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moral of the story: Let the last time be the last time.

The Selfish Dude

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