This may be the biggest secret that women know but don’t want to acknowledge. It is like putting a sexy R. Kelly song on repeat, then expecting that one semi-Christian song to play. Yeah, he has a conscious but the rest of his album is about getting that booty, rubbing that booty and fucking. Sure, his momma probably raised him right but the street eventually get him, one way or another. Maybe it he is really about that life, maybe it was the music or maybe it is just in his flesh, but it is there.

It does not matter what he say.

  • I just want to take time to get to know you more.
  • I enjoy when we are together, letting the situation grow naturally. (or any variation of this)
  • It feels so good not having everyone in our business. You know how people be.
  • I am excited to see where this goes
  • I can imagine doing this to forever. (while having sex or not)
  • I want us to be together but….. , I want us to be like this forever…… or Promise me that you will always …….
  • I like not having the pressure of a relationship.
  • I love you.

It does not matter what he does

  • Spends the night
  • Cooks breakfast
  • Plays with your kids
  • Take you shopping, pay a bill or take you on a trip
  • Talks about kids
  • Daydream with you about the future
  • Meet your parents, your best friend, go to church together, go to your family reunion
  • Listen to you claim that you are together
  • Treat his momma, aunt, sister, daughter, niece nice
  • Talk about what he will do if someone treats a woman in his family wrong

It does no matter what he says before, during, or after sex

  • Tell you he loves you.
  • Hit it raw with no condom.
  • Nut up in you (I swear this has to be the biggest trick of the devil. You tell him you want to feel it. He knows he shouldn’t but it fulfills his “Take this nut. Ughh, you nasty” fantasy).
  • You swallow.
  • He eats the pussy.
  • He eats your ass or you eat his ass.
  • Anything said with the 24 hours before or after you both had sex
  • Add any comment that you want to be a sucker for: ___________________________________

It does not even matter what his personality

  • Nice, patient, loving, caring, attentive, blah blah blah …………..blah blah

Until he says “We are together in an exclusive relationship where we are not dating other people or physically involved with other people” ya’ll are just fucking and he has no obligation in his head, heart or pants to you. He might care but there is nothing you can say to him to make him feel like he lied. He may have misled you, but just like misled and lied are spelled different, that is how different it is to us. Yeah, there are some letters that are shared, but they are not the same. It sounds good when looking to give him some of that “sweet pussy pie”, but you can not use your rationalization to keep giving him some of that pudding. But like a stripper selling dreams and fantasies, we are selling the same thing with a side of stiff dick.

Moral of the Story: I he is not claiming you, he just claiming that pussy with a side a friendship AKA “We Cool!”

-The Selfish Dude

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