Get Your Degree and Get Out

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we speak on how we treat our college graduates in the African American community. We discuss the expectations that we put on our youth and the the amount of support necessary for them too succeed. We also speak on how relationships can change once levels of education differ. Please make sure to comment and/or subscribe.

Protest For What?

This week we take a look at the possible protests for this upcoming NFL season. Of course, Barxdale has a strong opinion on the topic and also chooses not to join his fraternity brothers in protest. Gus is just sad because he’s a Eagles fan. And TK supports the protest because it frees up her partner to focus on her. Feel free to comment and subscribe. Intro/Outro by Vendetta Beats.

Trump Loves Nazis

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we discuss the tragedy in Charlottesville, VA. We touch on the various white supremacists groups that attended the rally the President’s reaction to the incident. We also comment on the role and responsibilities of the black community during these tense times. Feel free to comment and subscribe.

Pie Anyone?

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we talk about one of our favorite shows, Game of Thrones. We take a look at what’s been going on since the beginning of Season 7. Gus expresses his love for Arya Stark and Barxdale seems quite impressed with Drogon’s killing style. We also give our predictions for the rest of Season 7 and Season 8. Please comment and subscribe.

Avoid the Herp

This week we discuss a topic that has been in the news lately, STDs. We touch on the allegations that Usher has been knowingly infecting partners with herpes. We take a look at other celebrities that have been accused of spreading diseases. We also speak on the need for everyone to practice safe sex. Please comment and/or subscribe.

Keep Your Butthole Closed

This week we started off discussing TK’s Instagram post that stated,”Good pu$$y will make a man violent.” Barxdale definitely didn’t agree with that statement. Fortunately or unfortunately(depends how you see it), the episode went a little left after the first ten minutes. In the midst of the foolishness TK gave us insight on what these weirdos do inside her DMs and sometimes in real life. Make sure to subscribe and comment.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Don’t get too comfortable……… No matter how old

Let me tell you a story. So I am messing with this old head. Let’s call her Kamisha. She is about forty-three. She got a body like a twenty-five year old. Her own place. Raised her kids and currently raising her sister’s kids. She has her own house, two cars, works and goes to school. We on the same playing field, so even though I am in a dedicated long distance relationship, you know me, I am thinking this might be a good look temporarily until my long distance relationship turns into something more (yes, this is absolutely wrong but I couldn’t help myself—bad habits die hard). Plus, she live is Las Vegas, which is like my second home.

We start off as friends. She lets me borrow a car while I am there, plus I can crash at the house. So, I am partying in Vegas and we hang out a little bit. As time goes on, I go from sleeping in a separate bedroom to sleeping in her bedroom. Each visit to Vegas becomes a trip where I can party and still come to her house and have some guaranteed “buns” to smash. Let’s call them honey buns. Matter of fact, sweet cakes. Matter of fact…you get what I am saying!

Now, I figure we are two mature people. I know we should not be having unprotected sex, but we have both gone to get this medical paperwork verifying our clean bill of health (that STD check) and she is on birth control (that is what she told me), so we start fucking raw dog with no protection. I’m beating cakes like there is no tomorrow. I am figuring that we are friends with extreme benefits. I’m high fiving myself and looking at my job well done as I put her ass to sleep time after. She doesn’t care what I do or so I think.

Well, eventully my long distance relationship comes to live with me, but before she does, you know me, I have to smash Kamisha more time. Ok, several more times on this four day weekend. On day two of this weekend, everything comes to light. She sees the message from my lady. Kamisha goes crazy BUT we fuck like it is the last time for the next two days, doing things we have never done before. Now, I should have known something was going to go wrong.

Three months later she tells me she is pregnant. I send her money for the abortion. Nine months later she tells me she had the baby. She says she wants me to be happy, so don’t tell my lady, but she knows I am a good father. So, I start paying her child support. She says she does not want it but she keeps. Things are what they are. I tell my lady and we break up. Seven months goes by and I am getting pictures all the time, but because of my job, I have not been able to visit yet, but we are skyping three times a week.I go to meet up with a mutual friend and he says, “Dog, she ain’t got no baby, that is her grandchild. She has done this to other guys! She told me and my wife she was going to get you back for playing with her heart.”

I look at her social media page and her daughter’s social media page—same baby. She must have been babysitting her grandchild at night or something. I try to see if there is a birth certificate or social security card. She refuses to show me. Then, she asks me to leave me and her family alone.

Where did I go wrong? I got too comfortable. I should have never taken the condom off. I should have never thought I was the only one playing games. I should have never thought I could play house and her feeling were not going to get involved. I never saw the games she was going to play. I lost my whole relationship over some random, but very good pussy. She got thousands of dollars from me. Age never determines a person’s mindset. They can be as crazy as they come. I had to learn, when you playing the game, you must keep playing.

Moral of the story: When you start a game playing chess, don’t try to start playing checkers. Don’t get too comfortable!!!

The Selfish Dude

Talking bout Power

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast show we discuss the hit show “Power” on Starz. We give our thoughts on past seasons as well as what’s going on now. We take a look at the relationship between Ghost and Tommy. We express our hate for Angela and Tariq. And spend a little time trying to figure out why Andre won’t just put a bullet in Kanaan’s head. Towards the end we give our predictions on what will happen by the end of season 4. Make sure to listen, subscribe and leave a comment.

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