New Year Same Us

This week on Stay Talking Talking Ish we recap 2016 and speak on what we rather not see in 2017. We touch on deceased black celebrities, Kanye going crazy, Chicago killings, twerking videos, Drake, etc.

An Insecure Christmas

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we discuss the HBO show “Insecure”(I know we’re a couple weeks late). We also talk about relationships during the holiday season.

Oldhead versus Old Head

This week our discussion was inspired by a Gillie Da Kid Instagram post. In this post he states that if someone doesn’t inspire you to be a a better person you shouldn’t be calling them your oldhead, they just happen to be older than you.

What Do We Have to Lose?

This week on the Stay Talking Ish posdcast show, we tell our thoughts on the election of Donald Trump. We also speak on the Obama presidency and what to expect for the next four years.


Love with a Shot of 151

This week’s episode discusses how black men feel about relationships and the kind of woman they’re looking for. Please be aware the recording took place after a whole bottle of Bacardi 151 was consumed. The episode was originally broadcast on Facebook Live a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Police Still Shooting

This week we discuss the continued killings of unarmed citizens by police. We take a look at the cause of the shootings and the possible ways to prevent anymore killings. I think you’ll be surprised by the opinions of the hosts.

Let That Man Kneel

This week Barxdale along with his Kappa brothers(and a bottle of 151) discuss the Colin Kaepernick protest. Please excuse the one guest who repeatedly calls Colin Kaepernick, Colin Fitzpatrick.

Live Podcast at Philadelphia Podcast Festival

The Stay Talking Ish podcast will be recording live as part of the Philly Podcast Festival on Sunday, August 21, 5pm at Tattooed Mom, 530 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Come out and support Barxdale and Gus.

You can get details on the Philadelphia Podcast Festival at



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